If you hold a South African passport, you will require a visa in order to enter into UK. It is true that, British residents do not need the same for entering into South Africa, but South Africans will have to produce visas. Thus, if you are planning to visit UK for a tour, you should make sure that you obtain the tourist visa that is available for a maximum duration of 6 months. Prior to that, you need to know important things about the visa so that it is easy for you to make your move.

Maintaining A Peaceful Relationship:

Britain and South Africa had been maintaining a peaceful relationship since a long time. As a result, none of the countries required visa to enter into the other countries. However, currently, with increasing threats, UK has made its security measures strict, and introduced UK Visa From South Africa.It is for your safety and convenience that you will have to produce the visa at the immigration when you step your feet into UK. This is an effort to continue maintaining the peaceful relationship.

Understanding The Process:

Once you have determined the category of your visa, you are free to apply online. You will get an email confirmation with a number for your UK Visa From South Africa.You will have to take a note of the number while seeking appointment and you will have to provide the supporting documents to get your visa approved. Make sure that you pay the appropriate fee at the time of applying for the visa. The process will get completed within a short time.