There are many people who are of the view that the procedure for applying visa for UK as a resident of South Africa is not only complicated, but also filled with hassles. The immigration rules of Britain were tightened following which the entire process has become strict applicants will have to determine the category of visa under which they can apply. Following this, they will have to present a valid passport, visa fees and other supporting documents.

Other Things Required:

Apart from the above mentioned things, applicants will have to provide their biometric information ranging from fingerprints, retinal scan and digital photo. These are required right during the time of submitting the application. Applicants also often have to travel to a Visa Forwarding Service to get the work done. It is primarily due to this reason that lots of agencies have been launched to fasten the process and make sure that visa grants are made at the earliest.

Get The Reference Number:

The UK visa application South Africa has to be completed and submitted online. Following the application, the applicant can book an appointment. On completion of the process, an email will be sent to the applicant with a reference number. This number is required during the time of appointment.

Attending The Interview:

It is important to note that the entire application process is incomplete without the interview process. It is during this process that the applicant will be informed whether the visa application is successful. As a result, the applicant can make his next move, as per the requirements.

Know The Information Centre:

Whether you hold a South African passport or Britain’s, you will have to seek appointments at one of the visa centres of the country. Based on your location, you will get the location for UK visa application South Africa.Make sure that you are well informed in detail regarding the things that you need to do so that you do not experience any problem.