If you wish to travel to UK being a citizen of South Africa, you need to follow certain rules which are introduced recently. According to the new rules, Visas are available on the basis of the period of stay in UK. The rules also require the citizens to have Visa for transit to UK while travelling to other countries. For example, if you are a South African citizen and are travelling to UK in case of any transit on the way to Germany or any other European country then you need to possess a UK Visa as well. You have the Visa consulate at your vicinity which helps you to access the Visa at ease.

The biometric examination

The British High Commission is the main organization which decides whether you are eligible for a UK Visa or not. The Visa Forwarding Services also known as the VFS works on behalf of the British High Commission. While applying for a Visa at the VFS office, you need to go for a biometric examination which includes retinal scan, fingerprint impression, digital photograph, etc. UK visa for South Africans is divided into several categories based on the stay which can be either 2, 5 or 10 years and includes visa fees accordingly. The 2 years Visa stay charges 2465 Rand, the 5 years charges 4830 Rand, and the 10 years Visa stay charges 7015 Rand respectively.

Application of UK visa

The application of UK visa requires you to follow few steps. You can apply via the internet to make an online appointment. Once you get the online form you can print it out and fill it up accordingly. You can pay the Visa fee in the respective bank account and credit payment is also appreciated. UK visa for South Africans also helps you track the application status online. Once your application is approved, you can go for documents submission depending on your purpose of visit. You also need to face a personal interview at the High Commission. On clearing the interview, you will get the Visa within a short span of time.