A simple step to follow and you can fly to your dream destination that is UK from your native country South Africa. Your residence in South Africa does not matter as the Visa consulate has online web portals as well. Hence you can take the help of the online mode to apply for a Visa. You can apply by approaching the consulate in person as well. The first step for the entire process is the filling up of the application form along with an application fee. The application form must be signed by the concerned authority. There are various categories of Visa hence you have to follow the regulations for the Visa you are eligible for according to your purpose.

Financial stability proof

The Visa office requires a set of documents that you need to submit before the personal interview round. You require a valid passport. You need at least two colored passport size photos which you require to submit along with your documents. You have to show evidences of accommodation in UK prior to the journey. The British visa South Africa suggests at least 2000 UK Pounds. You need to have the salary slip for the last three months. You need to submit the educational qualifications and the employment certificates. There is an unabridged version of marriage certificate and birth certificate which you require to provide along with other documents.

Interview at visa consulate

After all the certifications and documentation are over you need to wait for the date of personal interview. You will get the specified date from the British High Commission at Pretoria, which is the venue for the selection process. You can take the aid of Visa firms for necessary questionnaire and mock interviews which help you to take the selection interview successfully. The British visa South Africa takes few working days to process. The Visa consulate is also introducing many new services like multilingual visa assistance with quicker responses. On acquiring the Visa, you can commence your journey to UK.