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Schengen Visa Application South Africa Guide And Details

It is important to note that South African passport holders need a visa to enter into any country of Europe. However, you will require a Schengen visa if you want to enter into the Schengen countries like Austria, France, Portugal, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Spain and Sweden. However, if you are looking forward to visiting only one particular country, you will have to consult with the embassy of the country. On the other hand, if you intend to visit several countries, you will have to apply at the consulate of the country where you will spend most of the time.

Travelling Within Two Months:

As a South African passport holder, you will get the Schengen visa on your passport only if you travel within two months of the issue of the visa. This visa will be issued on a temporary passport when you are able to give identity proof as a South African. Make sure that you check out the requirements for Schengen Visa Application South Africa so that you do not have to face any issue at the time of travel.

Variation For Different Countries:

You should be aware that based on the Schengen countries that you visit, the requirements will vary. In fact, there will also be a variation in the cost involved for different Schengen Visa Application South Africa.Unless, you are well aware of the complete details, you should not make your move because there are chances that you will land in trouble. Therefore, acquire thorough information before planning your trip so that you can move in the right track.

Schengen Visa Application South Africa And The Processes Associated With It

If you have a South African passport, and if you are interested in visiting the United Kingdom or anywhere in Europe, the most important thing that you will require is Schengen visa. Irrespective of the reasons for which you want to visit Europe, you will have to fill up an online application form, and appear before the consulate to give your biometric data. However, prior to the application, there are few important things that you should know in this context. In addition to that, you should also make sure that the information you acquire is updated so that you do not have any confusion or hassle in the future.

Some General Rules:

There are some general rules that you should remember about Schengen visa application South Africa. You will not be able to apply for your visa more than three months before the travelling date. You should have booked your flight tickets and should have decent travel insurance. You should always apply through the country where you have spent maximum time. You will have to make the payment to the Embassy directly in Rands, and the maximum length of the visa duration can depend on the basis of the trip and the consulate through which you are applying.

Follow The Process:

The Schengen visa application South Africa is a step by step by process that you will have to follow. You can fill and submit the application form online to secure an appointment. Following this, you will have to visit the nearest consulate office for biometric test and other information. The official will inform you whether you are eligible to get the visa, and the duration for which you will get the visa. Consequently, you can start your preparations and make your move. If you want, you can also hire professional agencies for the same purpose.

The Schengen Visa Application South Africa Involves Permit For Specific Countries

The Schengen Visa requirements involve several dos and don’ts which you need to know before applying for one. The Schengen territories or regions include various European countries which include Austria, Finland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Malta, Norway, and Czech Republic. The Schengen Visa has a validity of 90 days to 180 days and can be acquired for any reason that can be business, visit, tourism, etc. If you intend to travel to two or three respective countries then you need to apply for a Visa for the country where you enter first if you are travelling as a tourist, and if you are on a business meet then, you have to apply for the destination where you are staying for the longest period.

Payment structure involved

You have to apply 15 working days before your reach your destination. There are several types of visas on the basis of stay which include long stay visa, visa for shorter stay duration and visas for airport transit. The usual payment is 60 Euros in Rand and for children between 6-12 years of age it is 35 Euros in Rand. There are certain visas that are issued free of charges like for school students, EU citizens’ spouses. The schengen visa application South Africa includes several documents like filing up of Schengen application form, valid passport, passport size photos, final country visa and a valid resident permit if you are not a citizen of South Africa.

Financial and accommodation evidence

There are several extra documents that you need to submit which include the health insurance of worth 30 Euros in Rand. You have to show evidences of proper accommodation arrangements which can be a hotel reservation or family address. The schengen visa application South Africa needs to see evidences regarding the financial resources to dwell in these countries for the required time period. You have to show return ticket or reservation. You should be ready for a personal interview which can happen anytime during the period.

Rules You Should Bear In Mind For Schengen Visa Application South Africa

Schengen visa application is considered to be a crucial consideration. Maintaining precision in the rules is not an easy option here. You do need to give your best shot to see that things are done in the most apt manner. Here is a discussion on Schengen visa application related facts. Give a careful look.

Get to know all about the nitty-gritty’s of schengen visa application from our experts. All you have to do in that regard is to call us up.

Application form should be duly completed

To ensure that you do not face the music with schengen visa application South Africa you should see that the application form should be duly completed. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to understand all the nuances and basics related to the schengen visa application South Africa. It is important to see that the application is dully filed in.

Get a leg up from a mentor or an experienced person if possible

If you intend to get your share of advantage in the context of schengen visa application in the heart of South Africa then you would need professional counsel for sure. Keep it in mind that getting the counsel form a person who has already been through this would prove to be a big deal for you. Experience always pays and you should make it a point to capitalize on it without fail. You will be in a beneficial stand for sure.

Obey the VFS related instructions

You will definitely be required to comply with as well as show respect to the VFS related instructions. It is pretty much imperative on your part. Make it a very stringent and unfaltering point that you are going to learn all that you can on VFS related instructions. You can try your local resources. You can get plenty of good resource on the internet as well. You need to brace up your moves with the information that has just been shared. Keep all the information related to schengen visa application South Africa thoroughly registered in your mind.




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