The British High Commission is the ultimate authority which decides the approval or rejection of your application for UK visa. It is located at Pretoria in South Africa. Irrespective of your location which can be Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg or Durban you have a Visa Consulate for UK Visa at your vicinity. You can apply for a Visa easily by following certain rules and regulations laid down by the Commission. However, it is always advisable that before applying for a Visa you acquire a detailed knowledge about the entire process. There are many firms who help you in the processing of UK Visa by providing you vivid information about the rules.

Aid of visa agencies

These firms also assure a full guarantee of returning the entire fee payment for the processing of Visa in case of Visa rejection. But the chances of rejection are minimal in case you follow the guidelines mentioned by the firms. They maintain their own web portals where they guide you in the online filling up of a Visa application form. After filing up of the form and paying of application fees, you have to submit the relevant documents for UK visa South Africa. The documents include the colored passport sized photos, academic certificates, and employment documents. You can also submit additional documents like proof of financial stability, accommodation in UK, health insurance, etc.

Face personal interview

Once you are done with the documentation part the firms will conduct mock interviews and necessary tests to give you an idea of the personal interview taken at British High Commission. After the documents are approved, the High Commission summons you for the personal interview where the officials ask you questions regarding your stay at UK. Once you clear the interview for the UK visa South Africayou need to wait for the processing of Visa which might take few working days. The British High Commission is having a private enterprise as a partner of late which might include few changes in the process.