If you are a South African citizen who wants to fly to UK, you need to have the UK Visa. There is necessary information you need to submit for that and few steps you need to follow. The requirements that make you valid for the immigration to UK state that, the passport should be valid in order to apply for a UK visa process. You need to have a Visa application form which you can fill online or at the consulate. You might require taking health examinations to assure that you are physically fit before landing on UK soil. You will have to go for vaccination tests to ensure that you are free from infectious disease.

The visa requirements

The visa requirements also demand you to be financially stable before going to UK. You can show your financial capability by showing the financial proof that you can manage on your own in the United Kingdom. The UK visa requirements for South Africans need financial documents in the form of the recent three months bank statements and three months’ salary slips. They might also want to know the net worth of your personal property. Apart from this, you need to submit all your valid documents which will include your educational as well as your job oriented documents like mark sheets and experience certificates respectively. You can also submit any additional documents if you have, which will only help in your visa process.

Types of visa

There are several types of UK visa like family visitors’ visa, visa for general visitors, visa for business visitors, and visa for child visitors. There are few visa based on points which come under Tier categories like Tier-1, Tier-2, and Tier-5. All these visas have their own tenure and cost structure. Hence according to the Visa category and the requirements you need to pay the fees accordingly. The UK visa requirements for South Africansrequire South Africans citizens to wait for the mentioned period for the Visa to process, after the completion of the formalities.