Tier 4 Student Visa

A person can apply, either in the UK or from outside the UK, for a Tier 4 Student Visa either as a child student (from the age of 4 upwards) or as an adult student. The course must be a full-time course (of at least 15 hours per week). The Tier 4 Student must be sponsored by their school, college or university, which must issue a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies for them before the visa application can be made. In some cases it is possible for a Tier 4 Student to work, on a part-time basis.

Student Visitor Visa

A person who is over 18 can apply to come to the UK as a student visitor to study a short course. Student visitors are not permitted to work at all. The maximum period for the which the visa can be granted is six months, unless the course is an English language course, in which case it is 11 months.

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